Our vision...

In our modern, fast paced, shrink wrapped world Wild Bob’s is a place of calm. A place devoted to your inspiration...

We aim to spark a fire in your soul. Rekindle a lost and sometimes forgotten lust for the outdoors and all it has to offer...

It’s our world. It’s up to us to decide how we use it. Change is always hard and following the crowd is always easy...

Here at Wild Bob’s our goal is to help you to kickback. Stand up. Be counted. And along the way explore your boundaries. Push past your limitations. Live your dreams...

At our core...

At Wild Bob’s we keep 4 main principles at the core of our thinking through everything we do.

Respect: Always be respectful of ourselves, our community and nature.

Love: Approach every aspect of our lives with compassion and kindness.

Learn: Understand that our journeys are just that and be open. To know that failure is the moment when new knowledge is acquired and the best way for us to grow.

Grow: As we grow use our knowledge to help grow our minds, bodies and souls; to help grow a strong healthy community; and to help create a strong and healthy environment in which our planet, our community and ourselves can thrive, together..

Where to find us?

We work out of our Den on Greenmount Village Green, behind Greenmount Cricket Club, in, errrr Greenmount!

Which is nestled in the hills of the West Pennine Moors, just north of Bury in Manchester for those of you who are further afield.

Postcode for all you sat nav folk is BL8 4DX :)

Grid Reference (for those who like a challenge) is SD779141 :)


Check out our blog for a little inspiration to help fuel your desire for a healthier more sustainable life.