Nowt But a Boy (Extended Haiku Poetry)

Nowt but a boy

 He’s nowt but a boy.

 His feet firmly on the ground

‘Neath his fragile frame.


 Though not fixed, rooted

 Or steadfastly stuck in place.

 Always free to roam.

 His thoughts are lifted.

 As his eyes glance down the trail,

 Rocks begin to fall.

 Not moving mountains,

 Just gliding his feet over 

 His own winding path.

 He’s nowt but a boy.

 Sailing on seas of wonder,

 Living every wave.

 As the water laps

‘Gainst the delicate vessel.

 A force is growing.

 Building deep inside.

 Always strong, always learning, 

 Ready to emerge.

 T’is not but nurture,

 T’is a strength from deep within.

 Mother nature’s own.


 He’s nowt but a boy.

 High on imagination,

 Gliding through the air.

 As ever present

 Birds fly lightly on the wind.

 Dreams rest in his heart.

 Seeking nor searching,

 Just feeling every moment.

 Captured in his soul.

 Lost high in the sky

 In a deep cloud of conscience,

 His mind becomes free.


 He’s nowt but a boy.

 Flickering like a candle

 By an open door.

 He peers through the dark,

 Filled with childish wonderment.

 Excitement growing.

 He dances this way

 And sways back from whence he came.

 But then suddenly,

 A passion ignites.

 A sudden rush to the door.

 Straight out to explore.

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