Simple Beet Kvass

This simple ferment will give you a daily dose of friendly bacteria. It's a perfect addition to smoothies and milkshake to give a vibrant colour and keep your gut happy. 

All you need is a litre jar, 3 or 4 medium beetroot (scrubbed & cubed), 2 teaspoons of sea salt and enough water to top up the jar. 

Simply add the beetroot to the jar so it's about half full. Add 2 teaspoons of sea salt and fill to around 2 fingers below the top of the jar, screw on the lid and leave it to ferment for 3 weeks at room temperature, out of direct sunlight. Be sure to "burp" the jar every few days to release the gases so you don't end up with an exploded jar! 

After 3 weeks just pop the kvass in the fridge and either drink it straight or, if it's a bit strong for your palate, dilute with water or add to a smoothie. 

Once you've finished the kvass the jar can be topped up again with salt and water and left to ferment. The second time round won't take as long as the jar will already contain plenty of friendly bacteria to get it going. You can continue this until the beetroot are pale. The beetroot can then be composted or thrown in a veg soup. Just remember they're gonna be pretty salty! :)

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