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  • Wild Bob's Spiced Milk

    This winter warmer is super easy and great when you're feeling a bit under the weather. Forget your chemically enhanced shop bought sore throat and cough remedies. This bad boys got all you need to sooth that throat and packed with turmeric and ginger it'll pack a punch that should have you back on your feet and fighting fit in no time...if not, it tastes great. So just sit in front of the fire and drink another cup anyway! ;)
  • Ginger Beer Recipe

    "Ginger Beer is one of our favourites at Wild Bob's HQ and it always goes down well at our Trail Kids sessions when we're celebrating something special too! This recipe is a very simple and fun method of making your very own fizzy drinks!"
  • Ginger Bug Recipe

    "We all love a fizzy drink but we all know it's not good for us. What happens though when you make those fizzy drinks ourselves, and I'm not talking 1990's soda stream style! There's a natural process we can go through to create our very own carbonated drinks, fermentation. Now, if you leave these long enough, you will create alcoholic versions of these but our recipes only call for a week or less in the bottle which will create a little alcohol  (<0.5%) but will be perfectly fine for the kids to drink, if you really want to share!"
  • Spicey Squash Soup Recipe

    "This is an all time favourite at #wildbobshq and one that always comes out in the Autumn/Winter. There's a couple of stages to it but once you've got to grips with them you can vary this recipe to suit your tastes."