The Woodland Folk - Children's Stories

Urram's Den

Once upon a time there was a mean, old, nasty, hairy, smelly bog troll who lived in a den made of sticks, right on the edge of a forest. He built his den in no man’s land, between the trees where the fairies, elves and pixies played, and the park where the children would swing on their swings and play football in the field.  He piled up earth around his house to keep all of the woodland folk and the children out, leaving a little gap so he could get out into the field to find his favourite meal, more

Ionnsaich and The Foxglove

It was mid afternoon and the woodland folk were having a game of hide and seek. Fas was counting to a hundred and the rest of the gang were looking for hiding places. Urram buried himself deep into a pile of leaves, hopeful to find a worm or two whilst hiding. Gaol had found a lovely bunch of mushrooms to hide behind and Ionnsaich was hurriedly flying around looking for a place to hide…read more

Summer Solstice

As Fas tripped over the gnarly root reaching out of the soil, which he could not see for the large bundle of flowers he had spent the morning collecting, time seemed to stand still. There were flowers and leaves of all colours, yellow dandelions, purple foxgloves, some beautiful white elderflower, which smelled divine, along with some sycamore leaves, oak leaves and some plantain buds, all spiraling through the air creating a whirlwind of vibrant more

Gaol's Theatre Debut

All Gaol could hear was the sound of her teeth grinding together. All she could see was the backs of the curtains on the stage at the Woodland Community Theatre. All she could feel was her heart pounding in her chest. The rest of her cast either side of her, ready to begin the play. She brought herself back into the present moment and could hear the gentle murmur of the audience beyond the more