Summer Camp 2019

Summer Camp 2019

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When is it?

Monday 5th August to Friday 9th August,

1400 -1700

Where is it?

The Den, Greenmount Village Green, BL8 4DX

(Parking at Greenmount Cricket Club.)

Who is it for? Children aged 6-11
How much is it?
What's involved? At our Summer Camp, children will be inspired to play and learn through nature and the natural world around them. They will dig, jump, saw, swing, drill and much more all in the name of fun whilst subconsciously engaging in a deep and meaningful learning process. All of this will be guided by our trained team of Forest School Leaders to enable this process to run smoothly whilst allowing the children to engage in risk in order to further their learning and increase their opportunity for learning. The children will become deeply invested in the Wild Bob's community and will be taught of our principles of respect, love, learn and grow and how to apply these principles within our community and the natural world around us.
What to wear?

 All sessions are outdoors and involve digging in the mud, cooking on the camp fire, whittling sticks and many more fun, but dirty, activities. Please do wear clothes that will take a bit of mud. Also please dress appropriately according to the weather and the seasons. Please read our "Visiting The Den" guide for more information on appropriate clothing.

Please remember to join our online Kids Club here before attending your first session in order for us to have all relevant information to ensure the safety of participants.